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Street Photography From the Dominican Republic

It is mostly Spanish, a bit of French, and definitely hot and tropical. My winter escape to the Dominican Republic proved to be just about everything this cold Canadian gal could ask for, and much, much more!

With three cameras in hand (my iPhone 6 , Sony a5000, and GoPro Hero4 Black ), I hit the streets of several cities on the east coast of the island, in the Altagracia province.  Altagracia is known for its famous beaches, and has several major tourist cities, such as La Romana and Punta Cana . Both of which I was lucky enough to see.

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Meet Street Artist Mediah

Cycling the alleyways through downtown Toronto is truly my favourite way to catch up on Toronto’s local street art. I remember finding my first MEDIAH piece, one beautiful summer day. There it was, hanging on a garage. I stopped, quite suddenly, not wanting to miss it. I almost flew off my bike in the process…

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Meet Street Photographer Theresa Groth

I have a secret to share…I have been experimenting lately with black and white photography.

Colour, of course, will always be my passion.  But in my personal feeds, I can’t seem to escape the tone, mood and dramatic beauty of the black and white picture.  I have become a huge fan.

Using her Ricoh camera as a means to express her artistic photography, Theresa Groth is a photographer who has definitely captured my attention in the area of bnw.  I am so excited that I got a chance to connect with this amazing and up-and-coming street photographer!  Can’t wait to share her with you!

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Meet Street Artist Jason Botkin from EN MASSE

Wonderful Montreal has one of the best subway systems in Canada. I suppose this is arguable because I have not ridden on all of them. But I promise, Montreal’s Metro certainly beats Toronto’s TTC, hands down…

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Street Photography with an iPhone

There is a quiet war on the streets about what kind of camera you are using to capture your photos.  For some photographers, it is a fancy DSLR camera, complete with a variety of lens and a snazzy camera bag. For others, it is the ubiquitous iPhone, or some other device that slides in and out of your pocket.

Who wins?  I know in my previous article, 7 Reasons Why the iPhone 6 is My Camera of Choice, I was very clear on my preference of cameras.  But, I thought of putting personal bias aside and discovering if there is more to this DSLR and smartphone issue than meets the eye?  As a street photographer, I am always trying to improve my craft.  I feel it is time for me to take a look at this camera war a bit more seriously and weigh out the pros and cons of each camera type.

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7 Reasons Why The iPhone 6 is My Camera of Choice

I know that this is probably shunned by many professional and semi-professional photographers alike. I can even hear my own friends teasing me from behind the shadow of my words. I think it’s time I come out of the closet.

I love taking pictures on my iPhone 6…

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Toronto’s Best Street Artists, Part 1

There is nothing like a bit of sunshine to warm up the walls and bring our street artists back outside! In the last couple of weeks, I have been so happy to have been invited down to shoot some fantastic work in and around the city of Toronto.

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Introduction of ScubaGal – Meet Me

I must start by saying that I am as surprised at writing this article, as you, my friends and family, are at reading it.  Who would have thought that this secret and quiet passion of mine would amount to anything, let alone, THIS?  Thousands of photos later, I am choosing the ones that changed my life, to share with you my journey that brought me here.

The Thinking Pool
My First Instagram Photo, The Thinking Pool

I remember clearly posting this picture. It was my first Instagram shot.  I had been staring, so transfixed in the moment, blue ripples hypnotizing me.  It was during this time that I needed creative release more than I ever did.  We all have those moments, for sure, and with the uniqueness that makes us human, we all express them differently.

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