About scubagal


Almost There, 2015  Almost There, 2015

Co Founder & Creative Director:


Born in Montreal and currently living in Toronto, scubagal is the quintessential Canadian.  As a lover of all art, she became interested in documenting graffiti and street art during the former mayor Rob Ford’s era, which involved removing and white-washing the walls in the city of Toronto. From this her incredible passion and detail for photography was born.

scubagal works as a Vice-Principal for the Toronto District School Board, and a Curriculum Designer and Course Director for York University in Toronto.  She loves to scuba dive, and is a Project Aware Diver, which involves cleaning up the bottoms of the ocean from human debris.  If you miss her on the streets, you can catch her watching sunsets on the ocean, or laughing while chasing light beams.



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