7 Reasons Why The iPhone 6 is My Camera of Choice

I know that this is probably shunned by many professional and semi-professional photographers alike. I can even hear my own friends teasing me from behind the shadow of my words. I think it’s time I come out of the closet.

I love taking pictures on my iPhone 6…

Please allow me to put in a disclaimer here. I have full intentions of purchasing a proper mirorrless DSLR. I also have a so-called, “real camera”.  But, I just know that I will always secretly hold onto my iPhone 6 with a quiet passion.

Let me explain the 7 reasons why my iPhone 6 just makes me happy.

7.  Sharing is Caring

scubagal’s Instagram

My friends, today’s world is all about sharing. We are the selfie generation, and unless you are putting your head in the sand, you have been posting pictures in Instagram, Facebook, Flickr, and other social media platforms.

How quick is the iPhone 6 in uploading these images? As quick as you are in taking them!

With the Internet on hand, there is no need to wait to get home, load the image on your computer, and then post to your favourite platform of choice. You have EVERYTHING that you could possibly need on one devise. And, let’s face it, sometimes speed does count.

6.  Portability & Size

So Light, It Floats

With a weight of 172 grams, or 6.07 ounces, it definitely is the best camera to have handy, all the time! I don’t have any lens that I need to carry, nor do I need to wish that my camera was with me to capture that, “perfect” shot. My camera is always as handy as handy can get.

Often when I am riding my bicycle hunting graffiti, or attending a protest getting really close to the action, I want my iPhone. The idea of being weighted down in those situations is not only impractical, but dangerous. Imagine being in a back alley snapping pics with a beautiful camera, you gotta know my 5″3 frame would be screaming for a mugger. Lining myself up in front of the military or RCMP blockades also would be just so incumbersome without my iPhone 6. I mean, I can just can slip it easily in and out of my pocket, nice and easy, and run if there is a need!

But, you say, it isn’t a real camera. It isn’t manual….

5.  Apps, Apps, & More Apps

My iPhone Apps Galore

Yes, my friends, you can have a manual option! For a measly $2.00, you can take back control. With options like, exposure compensation, manual exposure, manual focus, manual white balance, and bracketed capture, this gives our little iPhones DSLR-like advantages without the heavy lens!

iPhone 6 has already amazing built-in features such as brightening and darkening your image. With Manual, you can now increase your long exposure by decreasing the ISO and lengthening your shutter speed.

Alternatively, for those action-shots, you can increase your ISO and shorten your shutter speed. This feature is only limited in pre-production, as it is strictly a feature for the camera, and not for editing.

4.  Zoom, Zoom, Zoom

Closeup Savvy

To be a, “real photographer”, is it not protocol to carry a case full of glass? Lenses are seemingly part of the package, and all the weight, fumbling, and stumbling is an absolute requirement to get the close-up shot that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to get.

Uh uh.

The iPhone 6 has that zooming edge, without the weight and drama that conventional cameras carry. As simple as sliding your finger across the screen, you can achieve that close-up, without having to fumble through your bag to change a lens. The simplicity and convenience of this option cannot be ignored. It is indeed, amazing.

3.  Video



It is also important to remember for us photographers that these cameras also have video options. Admittedly, I underuse mine, but I need to share how awesome this option is, too. The iPhone 6 can shoot 1080p video and can capture 60 fps at full-HD resolution. There is also a new 240 fps slow motion mode at 720p resolution. Yes, slow motion, or “Matrix-Styling” effects at your fingertips.

The video is very simple to use and you can switch to the front camera, and turn on the video light both with a tap of your finger. After hitting the video button to start recording a shutter button appears in the bottom right corner. Pressing it captures a still image during video recording. Again, these amazing simplicities can bring out the videographer in all of us.

2.  Swiper and Swipping

image credit: herestherthingblog.com

How awesome are these touchscreens? This is the, “How-To-Groove”, on your iPhone while simultaneously showing off your photo gallery to the masses.

*First, hold the phone with one hand.

*Then, look at the screen while holding the phone with the other hand.

*Next, slide your finger and dance across the screen to float through hundreds of images.

*Pass it to your friend.

*Finally, let them try it out.

It is so easy, that even babies and animals love to try and watch! The screen and swipping  is captivating, beautiful and convenient to behold. Really, this could not get any easier.

1.  Ageist-Free

image credit by 11 year old boy; edit credit by me

Everyone is on an equal playing field with the iPhone camera. It doesn’t matter how old you are, as long as you can push a button, you can snap beautiful images. I know that some pro and amateur photographers might feel a little undermined by this.

I too, feel that it should take years to develop the theory that goes behind taking a great shot. But, let’s face it. The younger you are, the more apt you are to have technological advantage to those that have been snapping for years. With the relative ease of the iPhone, apart from the traditional camera, the photographers out there have now BOOMED.

Children and teens are now included.

I challenge any friends to dispute the simplicity of my iPhone camera. To be fair, I have purposefully excluded other smartphone cameras out there, as I simply haven’t used them. I think though that once you use the iPhone camera, it’s hard to use any other smartphone devise. It is THAT amazing!

a bientôt,


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