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7 Tips For Taking Photos in the Extreme Cold

I have this real romantic idea that one day, I will camp out under the Aurora Borealis in Norway or Iceland.  I also really want to go gliding upside down while filming the crags of the north, blanketed by piles of snow.  Truth is, although those would be my fantasy photo opportunities, I am actually planning to do them! So the next question is, how does this Canadian gal keep warm & protect my gear in sub zero temperatures?

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Scuba Diving With My New GoPro Hero 4K

As my username scubagal may have alluded, I am a certified open water scuba diver.  I also volunteer my time with an organization called Project Aware, which for one thing, tries to clean the bottom of the ocean from human debris.  So, when I purchased my GoPro Hero Black, I couldn’t wait to try it out!  What I discovered, was a bit surprising, not just from the GoPro Hero4 Black, but also from photographing underwater.

Choosing the Right Mounting Accessory

Boyancy and Coral
Boyancy and Coral

Getting your buoyancy right when scuba diving and photographing coral is challenging because you don’t want to damage the aquatic life.  So, I knew right from the start, that I needed some kind of mount to help me stabilize the camera and free me up to keep my buoyancy right. I quickly discovered that for kicking around on the beach, or for above water activities, the GoPro Head Strap Mount really works well.  But for diving, it was never going to work. You simply cannot have goggles and a camera mount on your head at the same time.  As you can see from this featured article photo, I don’t have that much space on my head!

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